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Eko-Partner and Baltic University Programme (BUP)

EKO-PARTNER is a Student’s scientific circle (Koło Naukowe) based out of the Economics and Ecology Office (rm. 8 Building B) at the University of Finance and Management in Białystok. We are focusing on bringing environmental education to the WsFiZ community. Through cooperation with other universities and companies, we want to raise awareness of social, economical and environmental issues affecting us on local, regional, and global scales.


Courses offered by BUP can be taken at WSFiZ. The goal is to teach future generations about environmental problems of today, and help them use various tools to solve these problems in the future. This is done through taking part in the many various BUP courses available and taking part of trips around the region. For more information, please contact Prof. Kostka in rm. 8 at the WSFiZ or email us at


We are part of the Baltic University Programme (BUP), cooperating with 1500 teachers from 14 countries in the Baltic region to bring environmental education to our univerisites. For more information about BUP and the courses offered, visit their website and contact us about taking one of the courses or going on a trip.


“Think globally, act locally”. With easier communication and faster transportation, the world has gotten a lot smaller. Issues affecting other countries and people indirectly affect us too. We welcome initiatives to raise awareness and support for global issues through fundraising, petition signing, and spreading of information.

2007 Activities

Earth Day- Earth was celebrated at WSFiZ with the first annual EARTH DAY photo contest. The theme was Bialystok and the Environment. Projects were about social economical or environmental aspects of life in Bialystok. Also, Dariusz Ochrymiuk, of Green Technologies, came to speak to us about his work in a lecture titled “Linking Business with Sustainable Development”.

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