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  Pomiń łącza nawigacjiStrona główna : Konferencje : 2005 : Private Higher Education Establishment in Europe : Aim of the conference
Pomiń łącza nawigacji.


Europe is constantly seeking new stimuli for its social and economic growth. On 1 May 2005 the European Union admitted 10 new member-states. There are plans for further EU enlargement and tighter integration. These processes notwithstanding, Europe has seen slower development compared to its major rivals.

Transformations in the sector of higher education may be an important factor in Europe’s development. European tertiary education system is still predominantly conservative and rather rigid. In Anglo-Saxon countries private schooling has come to play a major part, regarded as both rational and effective. The development of higher education institutions in the aforementioned countries correlates with their high degree of innovative potential. In the former Eastern Bloc, the dynamic development of higher education institutions is commonly attributed to the social, political and economic transformations. The percentage of students attending non-state universities is relatively high, nearing 30% in Poland. The private sector is gaining experience in the fields of didactics and academic research. However, this advancement is hampered by various obstacles, such as the unequal treatment of the public (state-owned) and private sectors in legal regulations. Another hindrance is the centuries-old traditions of Polish public universities, which private ones find it hard to compete with.

The aim of the conference is to enable the representatives of particular countries to present the problems related to the growth of private schooling and to determine the factors facilitating further development towards highly effective private higher education institutions.

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