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  Pomiń łącza nawigacjiStrona główna : Konferencje : 2006 : The Management of Innovations Theory and Practice : Aim of the conference
Pomiń łącza nawigacji.

Aim of the conference

The purpose of this conference is to make analysis of innovation processes with taking into consideration determinants and connections in subjective, objective and task aspects, both outside and inside the companies as well as institutions. Particularly useful is the analysis of the net links in innovation process, with indication of factors and solving problems barriers, with simultaneous introduction of upgrades.

Particularly important are the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the changes in the innovation theory conducive to creating dynamic innovation mechanism?
  • What is the dynamic and structure of innovation in the selected countries?
  • Are there an innovation mechanisms in the selected countries and what is their influence?
  • What is the experience of the regional innovation system development?
  • What are the models of managing innovations and what are the effects of their usage?
  • What is the role of industrial and innovation policy of the government in the management of the innovations?

The conference will allow exchanging of views on factors and barriers of company innovation development, which is a base to competitiveness improvement on European and world market. Then the results of the conference can become a contribution to changes of the innovation policy of the government and the firm behaviors in range of creating and executing their innovation strategies.

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