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  Pomiń łącza nawigacjiStrona główna : Konferencje : 2011 : Real Property Managing Strategies in Organizations : Problems characteristics
Pomiń łącza nawigacji.

Problems characteristics

Fixed assets play a very important role in economy and social life of any country. The literature on economy and management science presents relatively low interest in this subject by contrast with the issues of general management rules, finances, human resources management or marketing management. However, after all, company skills are defined not only by the human factor but also by technical equipment including automatic and robotic production, flexible production systems etc. Technology changes the market through adding new values to products, decreasing production costs and therefore prices.

The fixed assets are examined in three groups. Real estate makes the first one. The real estate condition is determined historically but for the last few years there has been observed a great dynamics in the real estate constructing. New professions, usually licensed, arise in property management. A job of property management has existed for many years but it was the market economy that in Poland made the profession included in the regulations. Property management exists in companies and other organizations. Investment management that results in new real estate creation is also increasingly important.

The second group of fixed assets is composed of used directly in the process of material wealth production and the process of service creation. Maintaining the world technology level of goods requires applying the appropriate reproduction processes, usually extended, of machines, technical equipment and research apparatus. According to many opinions organization success depends on transferring the value of fixed assets set into costs in possibly shortest time which makes changing the machines to modern ones possible.

The third group of the fixed assets is composed of long term financial assets that include in particular shares and stock of other entities bought in order to control them, co-control or influence them significantly and long-term securities. The increase in their value (and changes in the fixed assets structure) reflects good financial condition and following the policy of shaping the organization friendly environment.

An important element of the fixed assets management is financing its reproduction process. The development of financial markets provokes the increase in the number of instruments that can be used for financing investments. The key factor enlarging the volume of financial sources for the investments is Polish membership in the European Union. Selecting sources of the fixed assets reproduction constitute the main decisions taken by organizations in their management process.

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