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Программа для Международных Студентов

Программа для Международных Студентов

Главное примущество обучения на факультете экономических наук - это подготовка к работе в конкурунтной среде фирм и учереждений. Специальность даёт широкий спектр знаний в областях: управления, маркетинга, финансов, права, а так же общую информацию о социологии и психологии, даёт возможность свободного общения в бизнесе. Обучение проходит с использованием самых современных программм и средст обучения, это помогает в практическом применении знаний в областях решения проблем, индивидуальное и групповое принятие решений, упровление кадрами, организация переговоров.

Программы обучения WSFiZ позволяют выпускникам уверенно чувствовать себя на рынке труда. Cтудент получит знания и навыки от лучших польских и иностранных специалистов, усовершенствуете владение иностранными языками и пройдёт практику на предприятиях и институциях. Учеба в WSFiZ дает возможность проходить практику в другой стране.

На факультете экономических наук ВУЗ предлагает следующие специальности на английском, русском и польском языках

  • Бизнес Администрация /Business Administration (ВА - 3 года, MA - 2 года)
  • Mеждународная торговля /International Trade (BA - года)
  • E-бизнес /E-Business (BA - 3 года)
  • Гостиничный бизнес /Hotel Management (ВА - 3 года)
  • Международное Управление /International Business (МА - 2 года)
  • Финансы /Finance Management (MА - 2 года)
  • Мастер Бизнес Администрация (MBA) /Master of Business Administration (MBA) - 2 года

Бизнес Администрация /Business Administration (ВА)

The Business Administration programs offer you the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to enter a wide range of occupations with the business environment. All the key activities common to every business organization – problem solving, decision making, strategy planning and implementation – are considered within this subject and set within the context of an increasingly global marketplace. Overall, the course mix academic and vocational experience to great effect, producing young professionals with high standards of knowledge and the ability to apply their skills practically.

Mеждународная торговля /International Trade (BA)

International Trade involves purchasing, materials management, inventory control, warehousing, transport and distribution. Logistics supports effective and efficient supply chain management by integrating the flow of materials and goods from the initial purchase of raw materials through to final delivery of a product to customers. International trade students will be introduced to the supply chain, both in theory and in practice.

E-бизнес /E-Business (BA)

Most business processes primarily involve communicating information. As a result, most improvements in business result from advances in information technology, a field that is changing so rapidly it is difficult even for professionals to keep up with it. Our philosophy is that professionals must learn not technology alone, but how to keep up with technology. An equally important precept of our program is that skills cannot be taught, but must be learned through practice. We follow these principles through a unique program specifically designed to produce eBusiness professionals.

Гостиничный бизнес /Hotel Management (ВА)

The Hotel industry is in continuous need of managerial staff with graduate status, and varied, challenging and rewarding careers await enthusiastic and committed managers in all arrears of the disciplines including: hotels; restaurants; nightclubs; and cruise liners at home and abroad. This course will provide students with a solid education in the area of hospitality whilst helping students to understand the legal, managerial and social issues. Our aim is, to ensure that you become a truly effective manager, with requisite skills to continually improve and develop. Our graduates are popular with employers and often move directly into contract catering, event and corporate hospitality management, tourism and leisure management and restaurant or licensed retail management.

Международное Управление /International Business (MA)

International trade has increased dramatically over the last two decades with the emergence of the North American, European and Asian trading blocs. This has led to an increase in the scope and scale of international companies. International Management explores the practices of these companies within the global economy. The discipline of Economics is one of particular relevance in the world today, and when studied alongside a complimentary business related subjects offers graduates the flexibility to apply their skills in many professional areas. The subjects are taught in a way that emphasizes adaptability and the international perspective is maintained throughout. Now, more than ever before, money really does ‘make the World go round’.

Финансы /Finance Management(MА)

This course has been designed to provide you with a detailed knowledge of the conceptual and applied aspects of finance, together with an analysis of the management processes and disciplines alongside which finance functions. It aims to develop your understanding of modern finance theories, together with the skills to apply them. It will also provide you with a broader understanding of the socio-economic, legal and professional environment within which finance operates

Уровень Бакалавра – 3 года, Маристра – 2 года


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