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  Pomiń łącza nawigacjiStrona główna : Konferencje : 2011 : Real Property Managing Strategies in Organizations : Goals and scope
Pomiń łącza nawigacji.

Goals and topics

Conference goals

The conference is aimed at identification of organization strategies in managing fixed assets. Another goal is to conclude the fixed assets management in 10-15-year perspective with international aspects included.

Substantive scope of the conference

  • Theoretic bases of creation, modifications and changing the fixed assets management strategies.
  • Real estate management.
  • Strategies of organizations regarding machines, technical equipment and scientific apparatus management.
  • Innovations policy in regard to shaping the fixed assets dynamics and structure.
  • Investments and their financing sources in organizations.
  • Strategies of organizations regarding long term financial assets.
  • Rules and methods of the fixed assets quantification.

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